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Is it cheaper to pump water or buy it? Answered

Considering a height difference of say about 15 feet would it likely be cheaper to pump water from a lower elevation (such as a creek or pond) to a higher elevation or would it be cheaper to fill the reservoir with city water which is already under pressure. This is all just theoretical but would the cost of running the pump be more or less than the cost of buying the water?  Of course other factors would play in such as the city water being bacteria and sediment free (in theory) but im ignoring them for now.  Any insight would be appreciated since I have no idea of relative costs for either right now.?

Edit: Maybe I made it seem a bit too formal but I am just talking about putting a pump in a lake or creek with a garden hose attached vs turning on a garden hose connected to city water.  Im not trucking it in or anything.  I dont have specifics as said but if the answer depends on specifics then that gives me enough of an answer to know that i will need more research when ready and that its not easily one or the other.  Thanks.


Yes, it is either cheaper to pump water or to buy it.

(As others have said, to determine which you need ALL the details. Run the numbers.)

well i agree with RD but I would get an estimate from a person who is liscenced to do stuff like this and then compare it to what you would pay buying it (count the gas money to if you are going to transport it from like a store)

I'm not trying to be difficult but there is no way to answer that question with the info given.

How much water is going to be moved?  And will the city even sell you that much water.  Sometimes there is a limit.

What is the cost of the water from the city main?  And how much to plumb into it?

How much will the pump and fittings cost?  Meaning how big is the pump, pipe etc?  How much pipe to run?  And how much electricity will it use?