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Is it dangerous to take apart a honeywell space heater? Answered

i have a broken honeywell space heater. Everything works exept it dosent heat up. Is there a way to fix it and is it dangerous?



7 years ago

If the power turns on but the coil doesn't heat up, I'd guess there's either a broken or corroded connection to the heating wires. Taking it apart shouldn't be dangerous so long as you don't unconnect the heating wires from the spacers. Your looking at a light show if any of the heating coil wires touch each other. I'm working on fixing mine right now, unfortunately my problem isn't the heating element but one of the spacers is broken and they are extremely fragile. Good luck. Make sure its unplugged while you take it apart. and try and place all the pieces out in order as you take them out so you can do the reverse with little to no trouble depending on experience.

Anything can be dangerous if mistreated.

Inside there will be a few elements:  switch to turn it on, thermal fuse to prevent house fires, {optional} thermostat to turn the unit on and off with temperature, and a heating element.

If the heating element has a break in it, you're toast.
If the thermal fuse is blown, it probably blew because ...it got too hot...you might be able to find a replacement but I've never seen one.
If the main switch is broken, it can b replaced with a suitably rated (amperage voltage) switch.
If the thermostat is toast, you're toast.

Basically, it's not designed to be user serviceable.

Everything works but it doesn't heat?

Then nothing works.  It's supposed to heat.  That's it's only job.

If it is one of the oil filled heaters then there is probably no way to fix it if the heat coil is burned out.  It could be in the thermostat and that could be checked but you probably can't get a replacement.  I might be a loose connection and that would be fixable.

If it's electric type like I think it is, look at the heating elements and see if it has broken or come disconnected.  You say it works but it doesn't heat so obviously it's getting power, just not getting power to the heating wires.

And as long as you unplug the heater before you start taking it apart it shouldn't be dangerous.  It's when you put it back together and plug it in that I would be worried about. ;)

OK, what powers it - electricity? How does it not heat-up, do you have an idea what the problem is?