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Is it feasable for an eighth grader to build a small (4 computer) cluster running linux? Answered

I am going into eighth grade and for my science project i want to build a computer cluster running linux. for my project  i want to test if the time it takes to process something would be cut in half, thirds and fourths when doubling , tripling and quadrupling the number of computers, or slightly less than half, thirds and fourths because of various factors slowing down processing speeds the more computers are added. Is that extremely impractical or is it possible? if so would i use software types such as pvm or mpi? Finally, are there any suggestions as to what program i should process. i need something that will stay constant ( if i did two tests with the same computer the processing time would generally stay the same) but also take long enough that slight time differences would be noticeable (1 computer takes 2 hours, 2 computers take 1 hour and 1 minute, 3 computers would take 41.5 minutes and so on and so forth).



6 years ago

If you're computer smart, which it seems like you are, I see no reason why It couldn't be done with the proper planning and lots of patience.

Its always easier to cluster with identical hardware.


I would expect so IF you have the right plans and take care.