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Is it feasible to use plastic as the material casing for a miniature fan driven jet engine? Answered

I would like to use an old cpu fan and some old 2 liter soda bottles to experiment jet engine designs. Using lighter fluid for the fuel and probably running the engine in short bursts just to measure thrust output, it should be strong enough to survive at least several runs without dramatic failure right?



9 years ago

look on google for home made jet engines. for a traditional style turbine you need a turbo from a car as you must compress the air coming in. there are pulse jet turbines and other different styles of jet engines. the closest one to what is in a real jet and also how the professional hobby jet engines are made use centrifugal compression like that in a turbo for a car. and would be awesome to build

Most likely not. The plastic would melt and possibly the plastic fan blades on the PC fan, which wouldn't be able to produce sufficient thrust or compression anyway.

The pop bottles won't survive as jet engines, but will survive a couple of shots as rockets - drill a 1/4 inch hole in the lid, add a splash of fuel and put the lid back on. Give it a good shake with your thumb over the hole, lay it on its side and wave a flame around the hole.

Make sure you are in a clear area and the bottle is pointing away from fragile things.

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