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Is it hard to make snow? Answered

I've seen stuff around google. but, never trust the internet very much as like mythbusters last episode, it can lie.


A guy using a nossle like that, with compress air and a garden hose, claims with temps under 30F, and misty-compressed water, you can do this:


Is this real, and the main question, Is this ahrd to make, and How do you...


http://www.techvert.com/room-temperature-ice/ if you've got the right chemicals on hand, you can make ice/snow at room temperature (apparently)

the snow machines on ski slopes are just high pressure hoses with a nozzle that makes a fine mist. if the air temperature is bellow freezing, it will freeze into snow, if it's not, you'll just get water

i haven't been watching mythbusters lately (something else is always on)...what did they lie about this time?

that ones simple i have been studying them that one usese a air compresor and a garden hose with a nozzle to make a fine mist that freezes in the cold air and comes down as snow

These are very simple to make but do have some limitations, most notably on the temperatures, the temperature must be below 2 Celcius from what I've seen, there are however other ways of making snow, you can use a plane to force snow formation in clouds when it's coldish, I can't remember what they use to do it but at a guess I'd say it's dust...

yeah, you can do it, but it might not be like "real snow" it'd probably be like a powdery snow. A little 8 year old or something like that did it. The newspaper made him out to be genious or something, but anyone with a pressure washer and 15 dollars worth of plumbing parts can do it.

haha, I dought our car pressure washer would be fine mist enough.. its more of a uhhhh very painful spray that makes alot of mist around it...but you mean it has to be VERY fine mist? hard get.. lol

You need lots of dust for it to form properly