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Is it illegal for me to watch.... Answered

these free brand new movies online? someone told me about a site called bedroommedia.com and it is loaded with brand new movies still in the theater. Is it illegal to watch these movies? I am not downloading them but rather just watching them from the site.


Only if you get caught, and from doing sat TV installs, one customer had his girlfriend catch him watching those movies that'll make your eyes fail out, and this can be worse then dealing with the law, At least the law doesn't throw TV's at you ..........

That is illegal. If any movie still in theaters is viewable for free somewhere else it is pirated. Watching pirated movies downloaded or not is illegal.

Well not exactly. If the people are distributing them for sale they are the ones that are in trouble. If you are lucky all you would have to do is give back those movies of which you purchased. I buy movies in the ghetto. $4 for black people $5 for white people. Plus he is just watching it online, even if it is illegal why would cops care when people are distributing drugs. Not likely.

I think that if you download the movie, then that is the point at which it becomes illegal

Who cares? Just download them and you should be fine.

Now if you were watching p***, that's a different matter...

lol thats what i thought this topic was about

Porn you say?........You say this site......hmn.....I....gotta.....go......some....where.....

I don't know, since it came up with a server error (I think it got shut down).

I had Harry Potter 3 before it was even IN theaters.


10 years ago

I think it is illegal, for example the web site "tv-links.co.uk" had several hundred movies, tv shows, cartoons, animes, etc... then it was shut down abruptly and there was a rumor of it being sued majorly for several cases of fraud and pirating alot of stuff. but i seriously don't think anybody wants the job of fining millions of people for watching an episode of a show they missed on tv. or a movie that isn't in stores anymore.

I was wondering what happened to that site!

The owner was arrested on charges not having to do with the site then they found out it was his site so they shut it down. Probably because he was in jail so he wouldn't be able to maintain it and also because of the piracy.

tv-links would not have been illegal in the USA, because they did not host the movies, they only had links to them.

Exactly the same thing happened here. It was a UK site, and when the guy who owned it got arrested, the police didn't know what to charge him with.

I don't know, anytime you do something to circumvent "paying" people what they worked for, it comes across as either illegal or highly immoral...

I think it's fine, but it's illegal to host them, I think.

thats what i was thinking. that the website itself would be the ones getting in trouble, not the people watching. i could be very wrong though.

I think that's how it should be. :)


10 years ago

Oh cool! now I know some sites on where to watch the latest! w00t!! xD Yes, sir, it is, 100% illegal, but then some people say something's only illegal if you get caught. ;)

Yes, it is illegal to watch movies on these sites. To my knowledge no one has been prosecuted or sued for watching the movies yet. The MPAA has been focusing on shutting down the US-based torrent sites that provide download links. The online viewing sites are all located in copyright hostile countries such as China and the Netherlands, so it's difficult to prosecute the operators or shut them down. Once all options for suing the providers are exhausted, I'm sure the MPAA will turn their attention on the viewers. Be honest with yourself. You know that these sites are illegally operated, and that the act of uploading the movies is illegal. These are pirate sites, even though they all claim to be legal. And I'm sure you also know that if you were to purchase a pirated movie on the street, you would be breaking the law. Viewing these movies online is similar to buying a pirated movie on the street. I know what you're thinking. "But I never payed for the movie" While that is true, the site still is making money from you, whether it is revenue from ads hosted on the site or the spyware the site installs. So you are contributing to their business.

Sites like these only last a few months. Eventually they get shut down by the RIAA.

*cough mytheater.org Cough*

Ya proly not... it's very disapproved of is a better way to put it because most tech lies in this area, but DON"T do it if you can avoid it.

I'm going to guess no. There is a small chance of it being legal -- but its small, very very very small.

. Dunno. Couldn't get past the preview.