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Is it legal to use photos from google for your instructable? Answered

I was plannning on using a picture from google on my 'ible but I am not sure it is Legal


the author of image may give terms of use on the image. read them to know if he did not give any terms or permission than you cannot use the image. you can email him and ask for permission - and have good chance of getting it to find image you can use look on wikipedia (they usually have images with permissive licenses) or search with the additional keywords "creative commons" or "general public license"

If you absolutely dont follow the rules and dont get permission, at LEAST give credit (link and owner info).

most likely if you just use them nobody is going to complain

but people in wikipedia are of the kind that want to share (just like us) and to be good with their wishes you have to follow the way they want their images to be shared. they are concluded in a license added to the image (much like tghe license in computer software)

click on the image you want to use. in its description page you shall see the license. a few very common licenses are

lgpl or public domain - its ok to use the image

creative commons cc-sa - your instructable must be cc-sa too (and not cc-sa-nc or others). you can check that in the publish page of the instructable

creative commons cc-sa-nc - your instructable must be cc-sa-nc too (and not cc-sa)

gpl or gfdl - you cannot use the images due to incompatible terms. but seeing as your intention is to simply share the author is likely to say ok if you ask him. email him

anyway you have to add credit. tiny watermark text like wp author_name in the corner is ok

Legelily the only pictures you can use withoput permission would be you own or pictures under the creative commons act. It's not nice to use others pictures if it's copyrighted, never mind aganist the law.

People do this all the time. You may infringe someone's copyright, you may breach the TOS of this site, but is anyone going to do anything about it? L

i am pretty sure it is just remember to read the copy right or terms of use details on google.com!