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Is it ok, acceptable, not ok, not acceptable to edit ibles as time goes on and you get new ideas? Answered


As a matter of fact, we encourage it!

if an edit changes the focus or main points or your 'ible, you could just list it as such. ie: step 7- do x. edit: another option is y. it is always ok to improve upon previous works :D

I think edits, improvements, updates should be added as an extra step. To keep the original idea alive. There's always more then one way to accomplish a task. Just like keeping the original draft as you progress


9 years ago

Imagine where we would be if the Wright Brothers didn't improve upon their original design? if Thomas Edison gave up on the telephone after injuring himself and using it to call Watson to his aid? How about if cell phones were still bigger than a regular telephone handset? Always lots of room for improvement - it's called progress CMan. Great question.

ugh. creative process* Wish we could edit our replies as I usually mess something up in it. :P

Progress, change, adapt: it's all part of the creative progress. Completely awesome to go back and change / edit / add to previously made 'ables. Just remember to make a comment and tell us what you've changed so we can make note of the change for our projects. :) Keep up the awesomeness!

Completely acceptable ! Its great if you add more content !