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Is it ok to post it? Answered

Hey Instructables!
So a couple of weeks ago I finished a year long project, automating my room.
The project is completly modular so if any piece burns out or fails you can quickly switch it, the project includes automatic lighting controlled via a PIR sensor, an LM35 controlled fan, a miniature green house controlled by another LM35 and it displays the info about humidity and temp, through a 16x2 lcd and DHT11, a combination lock for my door via a keypad, a infrared control that can turn on or of my desk lamp, alarm clock, room lights, solder station and has the function to turn the whole system on or off, it also includes a modified Sony alarm clock, that has a TDA2040 amplifier with aux in and its connected to some speakers around my room.
I have all the eagle files and ready to print pdf´s.
Everything is controlled by 2 DIY arduinos.
I made most of the modules for the sensor array but a couple of the controll modules were made using already existing files on fritzing, and the DIY-Duino https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Arduino-or-The-DIY-Duino/
Should I redesign this modules and controller board before uploading, or will crediting the authors of this parts will do?



5 years ago

Post it and tell people where you got your ideas/inspiration from. People love hearing that their idea helped another person here!


5 years ago

Just give credit - the joy of both instructables and Arduino is that they are open source, and usually free to share, as long as credit is given where due.