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Is it ok to use magnets to hold button cell batteries together? Answered

I am trying to put something together, but realized I'll probably need 3 button cell batteries.  Is it safe to hold them together with magnets?  Also, will the magnets harm an LED?



It will have almost no effect on the circuit being used - except for one;

neodymium magnets are poor conductors of electricity; and only the plated outer chrome/nickel coating does the conducting - and if you were to use a plating to transfer a large amount of power it would be inefficient (acting like a resistor).  THAT SAID - you're using button cells, so its obviously a low power application and magnets will be a quick and easy way to attach the batteries.  May I suggest a battery holder?

The magnets won't harm the LED. I can tell you that for certain.

As for the effect on the batteries, am I right in the way I've read your question, that you intend to hold the batteries together by sandwiching magnets between them?

If so, I can think of better ways to hold them together, why do you need to use magnets? If you HAVE to use magnets, I don't *think* they'll have any adverse effect on the batteries, they might induce weird eddy currents but I'm not certain of any bad effects. A quick google shows lots of people asking similar questions to you, but I couldn't find any definite answer.

MY instinct, is that they won't have any negative effects because batteries use a chemical reaction to produce power, something magnetic fields would have little or no effect on. There are lots of similar forum questions to this across the internet, with lots of people claiming to have asked experts who said it was okay, but no sound reasoning for/against.

it's perfectly safe and the magnet will not harm the LED