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Is it particularly unhealthy or dangerous to drink beer out of those plastic 1qt military canteens? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

Any plastic will leach/outgass some of the materials it was made from. 

The word plastic means that it's not a solid.  Some of those chemicals are harmful and some are not.

The canteen is made to carry water.  Water is usually pretty inert and dissolves the plastic very little.

Beer is about 5% alcohol and alcohol is a solvent.  So you will get more of the chemicals from the plastic that you wood just drinking water.

Since you really never know if the plastic it was made out of is totally safe I would not drink beer out of a new canteen.  If I had one that had been used to carry water in then I wouldn't worry much about it, you've probably already drunk up all the bad chemicals in the plastic.

Just be sure to clean it out really well before and after a drinking binge.  You should do this with water also.

I wouldn't think it more hazardous then drinking out of anything else.


It's not healthy but as long as you don't drink out of it every day for the rest of your life your probably ok.

I've done it and I'm still alive.
The beer is kind of foamy, and gets warm and flat pretty fast.
It tastes a bit odd, as does water that has been stored in a plastic canteen.
The water put in the canteen after doing this tastes strange, even after cleaning the canteen.

On the pro side, it gets a few laughs, it can hang around your neck or attach to your belt, the cap prevents spillage, and you still get drunk.

My name is caarntedd, and I'm an alcoholic.

A canteen is designed to be drank (drunk?) from. There would be no health risk compared to any other container... You may...get drunk...regardless of the container you drink from - and depending on your drunken alter-ego this may or may not be a healthy experience.