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Is it posible to create a video overlay ( like mst3k) using free software? Answered

In Mystery Science Thearter 3000, There is a video with overlayed movie seats. Can I make something like this?


Look for video editing software that supports "keying" -- see the instructable at the right which describes "green screen" (chroma-key). Shoot your overlay with a suitable background, tell the program to mix the two videos so the keying color is replaced by the "background" video (and to mix the audio from the two tracks), and push the button.

Of course producing the greenscreen video track -- scripting it so the timing works properly -- is still up to you. You may be able to adjust for that while editing the two together, with appropriate editing of that track.

Have fun.

Try debugmode wax, it's got a similar interface to Sony Vegas and is freeware.


 this is possible yes.....for me i pirated sony vegas 9 *SHHHHH* so that's how i do it...but you can use windows media player or the mac movie maker...and here's what u do.  create your commentary video and then layer it over the original so that they play in tandom (together_) there ya have it!

You can only have one video track in windows movie maker, I'm not sure about iMovie.