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Is it possible add mA to solar cells in series/parallel circut if you don't use the same number of cells in each circut? Answered

I had in mind 3 circuts running in parallel with one at 4x2v(8v total at peak), and two other circuts running only one cell each, 2v. The mA of each single cell is at 40mA. Would this circut setup make it 120mA? It would be nice to solar power my airsoft rifle's 6xAA 600mAh(3000mAh total) battery pack in less than 30 hours with only a diode in the circut...



10 years ago

airsoft rifle's 6xAA 600mAh(3000mAh total) uh... normaly small electronics have the batteries in series, not parallel... Series you multiply the number of cells by the voltage (when batteries are connected (+-)(+-)(+-) Parallel is number of cells times mAh and is usualy connected (+-) (+-) (+-)


10 years ago

if you match voltages right you should be able to

example if you hve 2 X 2V + 1 X 4V cells connect 2 + 2 in series and then 4 = 4 in parallel. if its not 4 but 3.7 V cell you may be out of balance (the 3.7 V cell won't be used efficiently cause the 2+2=4 cells give more voltage)

you need each link of cells in the parallel array to supply the voltage of the battery + the voltage of the diode (0.7 V) + spare voltage for overcoming resistances. i think you need atleast 0.5 V spare voltage (more up to about 2 V is better)

this spare voltage also determines the balance of cells. if it is too different between cells its bad. if its more balanced its ok. example 3.7 V and 4 V cells should be ok to charge 2.4 V batteries (0.6 and 0.9 V spare - not too big difference). 3.2 and 3.7 V (0.1 and 0.6 V spare) or 4 and 6 V (0.9 and 2.9 V spare) are bad

anyway in parallel connection use a diode of its own for each cell / link of series cells so that cells wont attempt to charge each other

if you cant get voltages to match at all then charge each battery / few batteries alone on another cell / cells and dont connect the cells together