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Is it possible for any one to make keyboard letter light up while typing them? With the LED lights? Answered

To make the keyboard letter light up while typing and pressing the keys. Is that possible to make or has any one made one? :D

What I mean: Pressing a letter on a keyboard, then a LED light lights up while pressing the key.



7 years ago

Sure it is possible! Drill holes, install LEDS for each key, power them up with usb (?) and have the switch turn them on when the key is pressed?

Probably what swilus said above. You would probably need to wire the LEDs up to the keyboard contacts if you aren't going to use some sort of dedicated circuit board or special software.

most keyboards are not transparent and the letters on them are 'painted' on.

so you'd need a suiatble transparent keyboard but then you'd need enough space under the keys to accomodate an led. perhaps surface mount leds would be great here. then you'd need to sort out the voltage and resistor for each key. be careful taking keys off because getting them back on again can be tricky.

but I do have a solution: I use a usb-light that hangs over my keyboard - sorry it's not what you wanted - but what you're asking for is a re-design project.

That video looks like what you're asking. However, I think it would make more sence for the letters to be lit when it's dark or something...