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Is it possible for me to make a n64 av cable? Answered

I have spent the last 3 days looking for my n64 av cable and cannot find it. I was wondering if I could make one custom so I dont have to buy one.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Funny, I had a similar problem....
Anyway, if you could get a hold of a old n64 cable (even if it is broken, as long as it doesn't have any shorts close to the plug) then you could do it. I used to use a n64 RF modulator cable (coax) and one of the coax plugs came unsoldered and I couldn't get it to work. There should be like 4 wires coming out of the connector. One will be ground, one will be like 5volts and, one will be audio, and one will be video (I'm thinking that the video is yellow, the audio is white or red and the ground is black). I'm not sure on that, though. Then, either using Radio Shack connectors or the cheap way (cut up some RCA cables), hook the wires up to the cords. The ground will be used for video and audio (strange, I know). Just turn your TV on to the video in 'channel' and test it before soldering to save some time. Make sure the volume is turned down, though, because the 5volt wire "will" make the speakers buzz, and the audio output is preamplified (you can actually touch the audio wires to a headphone plug and hear your game without a TV).

If you cannot find a broken cord or a used working cord, the only other option I know of is to open the console up and solder some standard RCA jacks to the correct spots (never done this, not sure how). If you try that and need a way to get into the console because of the weird screws, just take a Dremel and grind a flat piece of metal to look like this:

|| * ||

Excuse my ASCII art, but * would be where the screw goes. If you are careful, you can do this without messing up the screws.
Hope that helps.


7 years ago

Cyber guys answer is close. The problem I had was my cable has the r.f. adaptor on it. The adaptor crapped out and I could not repair it. what I did was cut the cable that connects to the 64 off at the adaptor. I had about 5 feet of good cable. I stripped the outer insulation about 2 inches. This leaves you with 4 wires. A yellow wire, a brown wire, a white wire and a green wire. Using old RCA cables I spliced the video wire to the yellow wire. Then I spliced 2 RCA cables to the white wire, this is audio. The brown is ground and all 3 RCA grounds connect to it. the green did not give me what I thought would be the second audio channel instead it just gives me 5 volts so I left it unconnected. Then connect the cable like normal, the 64 plug to the 64 and the RCAs to the inputs on my tv. I soldered and taped the connections and the cable works. I get video and dual mono audio.


8 years ago

The N64 uses the same AV component cable as the one the gamecube uses.