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Is it possible for me to mount a front on our oak kitchen cupboards? Answered

They are good cabinets, but have that very dated looking arch on the top. Can anyone think of any solution to give the doors a new life without replacing them? We are going green and don't have much green either so bonus if it is eco- and wallet friendly.


You can buy new doors as the carcases is standard. Visit your local kitchen supplier.

If the outside edge of the door is square and the arch is in the panel of the door then it would be easy to reface the front of the door to eliminate the arch and then just repaint the cabinets. Just about anything you do will mean you have to refinish atleast the doors. If the outside edge of the doors are arched then it's going to be more diff. to change them. Easiest would be to just get a cabinet shop to make new doors. If you know someone with a table saw and router making new doors ain't too hard. Some lumber yards will actually cut you pieces to exact size for a small fee. Most cabinet doors have a lip that overlaps the door frame. It would be simplier to just face mount them so that you didn't have to cut the lip on the new door, but face mounting will not seal out the dust etc. as well. You could make one and try it out. If you didn't like the result then you could always go back the way it was.

I'm not sure how it will look with the arched top, but you can try removing the panel and replacing it with another material.

Websearch "refacing cabinets"?