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Is it possible for someone to keep sending me updates on new members joining instructables so that I can greet them? Answered

Is it possible for me to know who are the newly joined instructables members so that I could greet them etc...

If there is no specific way I can view them, is it possible for anyone to keep sending me weekly updates or something about who are the new members that just joined?!

Any help would be appreciated!



Best Answer 7 years ago

It appears that those links and functions that you mention were disabled about 2 years ago. I am sure they had a good reason for doing so.
I know some people like to be "quiet members. They joined so they could read instructables but aren't really interested in doing anything other than that. I have noticed many of the people following me have not done anything in terms of comments or anything else. They are the silent members. But that is their choice. What sometimes surprises me is someone who joined years ago and did noting more and then suddenly starts making comments. Anyway, I am sure that they all have reasons. It's a matter of privacy to let them decide how much they want to be a participant. I suppose you could liken it to shopping at a store. Some people love it when a store clerk asks them if they can help with something. Other people know what they are looking for and don't want to be bothered. There was a period of time during which I didn't do much on the site. I rarely even took the time to log in except when I got comments or questions on my instructables, Now I am on all the time. Things change.
By the way, for being in Poland your English is pretty good. Just thought I would say, Its nice to not have to try and figure out what someone is saying or asking.

Thanks That really helps!

If you don't work for Instructables, it's not your role. It's well into the creepy range, and it would be more likely to drive folks AWAY from I'bles than to draw them in.

Please don't.

But according to this it says we can help!


As Vyger says, that's apparently been reconsidered. It should probably be corrected.

See also my response to the other copy of this question.

No, it is still OK for non-staff to welcome new members.

OK. I stand by my "don't pounce on them; wait until you have a reason to talk to them and THEN welcome them" position, but since I'm in no way officially associate with Instructables feel free to ignore me.

(I just know that if I'd gotten people shoving themselves at me I'd probably have run away.)

I believe the previous answer was also sorry no that facility was withdrawn.