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Is it possible to DIY a wireless connection between my computer and touch screen monitor or projector? Answered

Basically I'm wondering if there is a cheaper way to replicate the product below but it doesn't have to be USB it can be VGA to VGA.


I want to tuck the actual computer away and use a small screen as a wireless touch tablet essentially. The screen would stay in the same room as the computer so range isn't an issue.
This means that the touch screen, from a kit, would also have to be wireless as well.

Is it possible that a wireless mouse or keyboard could be converted?

Thanks for the help.


adafuit makes ar1100 4 wire touchscreen conversion that takes the 4 wire input for the touchscreen overlay and makes it a usb and can calibrate the settings in widows then it can be use just a standard mouse no drivers needed then u need to find the same type bluetooth or 2.4ghz dongle that would found in any wireless mouse that is when I am stuck. I would pull it out of old wireless mouse if knew how but the dongles I found go in pc and need one like would be in a mouse. If anyone knows where a usb dongle the is like the one in a mouse or how remove and wire it to usb that would help me out


Build or buy a touch-screen tablet PC which speaks WiFi (802.11).

Run remote control software on your main PC. (I use an implementation of VNC, which is available in versions for most operating systems.)

Run the "client" on the tablet.

Done, with no new programming or specialized hardware construction, and the tablet will work from anywhere that can get a network connection to your main PC (anywhere in your house, or -- if you're willing to take the security risk and/or do additional work to set up an encrypted connection -- potentially anywhere that you can get WiFi access.)

If I bought a tablet PC it would make the main PC redundant, I'm trying not to spend a lot of money. I have lots old computers and parts laying around.

Well, you _could_ put a video card in the main PC which is able to output TV-style video and make the remote screen a TV monitor, coupling the two together with one of the short-range video transciever pairs... but that gets up into the same price range and almost certainly gives you lower-resolution (but perhaps faster-responding) results.

The product you're looking to replicate only transmits the screen info not the keyboard, mouse etc.  So it won't do what you are trying to do.

To actually transmit screen and input wirelessly to a handheld touch screen you'll have to do some programming and building.

You need a way to collect the info, process it then transmit it to the computer.

The computer needs a way to receive and process that info, then process and transmit info to the touchscreen.

Then you need a way for the touch screen to receive the new info, process it and display it.

Some sort of bluetooth device might be able to do the transmitting/receiving.

In the end, if it were me I would get one of the cheap used touchscreen tablet pc's and wirelessly network it with my much larger, more powerful pc that was hidden somewhere in the room.  That sounds like it might be much more expensive but in the long run it might be way less expensive and be very quickly setup and reliable.

Let us know what happens.

My plan was to transmit the screen data, like the product, separately from the touch screen data. I don't mind building and programming, that's the reason, besides cost, that I'm trying to do this with out compromise. Bluetooth is a decent idea, I'll have to look into that. I was also wondering it the transmitter/receiver from a wireless mouse or more likely keyboard would be able to be modified to transmit the screen data.