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Is it possible to add Reset button and Snooze button on sound activated switch? Answered

I'm working on this project where I need help. Is it possible to add reset circuit schematic and snooze circuit schematic on sound activated switch with audio input plug circuit schematic? Im planning to use sound activated switch to turn on/off the lights. The reason why i want those features are:

1. Reset button that reset sound activated switch to turn the lights off without making other noise to turn light off and doesnt turn off sound activated switch.

2. Snooze button that turn light off and ingoring the noises (turn sound activated switch off) until whatever minutes is time eslaped to turn sound activated switch back on without turn lights on until the next noise happening.

Anyone has those schematics proven working together or know how to put them together that is willing help me?


This circuit turns on the transistor at the output when it hears a loud noise. Then it turns off. What you want to do is use the noise to turn on the alarm, then STAY on, until either its reset, or you hit snooze. If the snooze timer runs out, then the alarm goes on again ?

State the exact question helps you think of the solution.


That's correct .. the sound activated switch that turn light on when it hear noise and stay on until it hear other noise will turn light off.

(im going to use wireless mircophone in other room to monitor noise) What I want from reset circuit that will save me the trips to where microphone is by reset light to be off without walk to other room to make noise to turn light off without turn off sound activated switch.

What I want from snooze is if I choose to ignoring lighting and want to wait about 20 or 10 minutes to see if noise be repeating without annoying me while I'm waiting. I want snooze turn off light and sound activated switch for 10 to 20 minutes.

I hope I'm making sense now. Lol.

I think I found snooze circuit from this website. I'm not interested to buy it but make it. Anyone has this schematic?


That's different again: now it toggles on and off when it hears a noise.

Wait a min do u mean the audio activated switch circuit that I gave, it hear noise to turn on and automatic turn off itself? Is it what u mean? If so, then it's prefect. Now I don't need reset but I still want snooze.

Yes, the output is only on when it hears something. Now, all you want is a little timer.

Ok. for timer switch. would lm555 best for this audio activated switch by connect it to audio activated switch's power supply?

since this audio activated switch only turn light on when the noise is happening and automatic off... if noise being countiue then audio activated switch will countiue keep light on until noise is stop? im just double check.

Yes, it will stay on.

How LONG do you want to disable/snooze for ? The 555 isn't good for long delays.


You need to use the CD4541.

Here's a very good introduction to the CD4541 timer.


yes it toggle on/off when it hear noise. What are you try saying?


6 years ago

Yes, and can you point to the exact circuit version you are talking about ?

I'm not electrician but Im trying my best to understand it.. there are so many different sound activated switch schematics but im more leaning toward to this schematics because it has input audio plugs that doesnt require mircophone to be working. Im not sure if im allowed to post someone's schematic's image on here. so i will just post the link of this schematic that Im thinking about to use it. I dont require big volts to turn light on from sound activated switch scoure because Im planning to use solid state relay.


i think i found information for making snooze by using LM555 chip but im not sure if it's what im look for.

i forgot about adjustable sensetive pot trim that i want for sound activated switch. maybe this schematic wont work for me. Im open for any suggest what kind sound activated switch schematic to use for my project.