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Is it possible to attach a wifi antenna somewhere on my PC? Answered

Hi there,

I have these two wifi antenna's from a broken modem.
Is it possible to solder these somewhere on my internet receiver card of my PC?
It's a built-in receiver without any visible antenna.

And if it would be possible, would it give me a much better signal?

Thanks in advance,




Best Answer 6 years ago

I wouldn't try it... receivers are pretty cheap... you can get a mini USB receiver for around $25... just get a new receiver. (You can also get internal wifi antennas.)

Yes there is a way. Check out Dell laptop wifi high gain antenna mood on this very site. It shows how to add U.FL with pigtail to your laptop and antenna. It's very simple the way it shown.

Well in that case... you probably could, but good luck with the soldering... you'll need it! ;)