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Is it possible to build a hood mounted taser powerfull enough to stop cars' electrics during cop chases? Answered

Could a hood mounted 'big' taser be mounted on police cars to knock out the computers or electrical system of speeding cars that are being persued? So many folks are killed during chases gone bad...there must be a better way to stop these things from getting out of hand.



7 years ago

You could use an electrically powered EMP. First of all, electric powered EMP's do not have any range as large as a nuclear powered one. Second of all you can use it on the side of the road to stop a car dead in its tracks (hopefully it leave the driver dead in its tracks X( . )

Pretty easy to DIY. Magnetron from the microwave oven, Yagi antenna… Good enough to fry all onboard electronics.

There was experimentation with this - and yes. It was a rocket powered sled. The cop would get behind the vehicle, fire, and the little sled would lunge forward, going under the car applying bajillions of volts here and there. Problem is - cars these days require the computers to be on for things like steering, brakes, and airbags - not just the engine. Criminals were crashing stolen cars rather violently when they could have been brought down in much safer means.

Yup. I lost a computer while racing at about 180km/hr (legally). The car had faulty firmware that had been recalled, but my dealer didn't think it was worth mentioning such a recall to a racer... anyway...

I can tell you it was damned scary. The engine died. The jolt shattered a gear and left the axles spinning freely. I had one pump of the brake before that went out, and I was still going 120+ on a winding highway with dozens of other motorists around me. Even more fun, the steering will lock on the first turn without power.

I got lucky, I just happened to be near an uphill runaway truck ramp, and I was able to use my one turn and my parking brake to aim at it, hit it, and finally come to a stop... but those few moments losing nearly all control were terrifying and I wouldn't wish that experience on the most hardened criminal.

If my incident had happened anywhere else on the course, or even on the highway going home after the race (at the legal limit, boys and girls)... I might not be here whining about it.

That sounds scary! Yikes! @ Author: Another solution is there are various lockout computers you can get for your car. 2008++ model year GM vehicles with onstar can be queried by the onstar dispatch - where onstar will then flash the 4 way blinkers to confirm to the chasing officers that its the correct vehicle they are chasing. At that point, they will execute a rolling stop - where the engine will govern down to a maximum of 100, then 50, then 30, 20 10, stop. Doesn't matter how much gas they driver applies.

I remember seeing that - the cars tended to grind to a halt if they had computers, but old cars carried on regardless.

Being metal boxes, getting electricity to the sensitive parts is a bit hard. Not really practical. L