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Is it possible to change the BIOS of a computer to allow for booting from flash memory? Answered

I've been given an old Toshiba laptop without a hard drive that I would like to turn into a wall mounted picture frame/ calendar, but the BIOS will only allow booting from HDD, CD, Floppy or LAN. The laptop has USB ports and a memory card reader, so ideally I would like to be able to boot from one of these.

if it helps, the bottom of the laptop has TOSHIBA Satellite P100 - 208 Model Number PSPA3E - 0YL026EN written on it, and the current BIOS is V3.30

Thanks in advance


If the computer is old enough, there won't be an option in BIOS to boot from USB (as you've found).  A quick search seems to indicate that you have the most recent BIOS update, which means you're stuck.  You can reinstall the OS to the hard drive, however, and uninstall unnecessary Windows components to trim it down.  This will allow you to use it as a digital picture frame, calendar, or anything else you want to use it for.

 Depending on the age, it may not allow you too boot from a usb device.  I had an old dell that ran windows 98, and I tried to get it to boot from a flash drive, but there wasn't an option to do so.  My only guess was that producers at that time didn't believe flash drives had enough power, and then they were barely even heard of.  Depending on the age, you might have to go for a floppy or CD. Personally, I had to go with the floppy.  Good luck.

Does it still have the floppy drive and/or a CD drive? If so, booting from one of those and then handing off to the USB-attached drive might be your best bet. I've seen diskette-assisted linux-from-memory-key setups; websearch should find a description of how to set up one of those configurations.