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Is it possible to change the memory of a memory stick? Answered

I have an older 1GB memory stick and a dead FM modulator, which also has a 2GB memory, I would like to use this memory for the memory stick. Is it possible?


Technically, yes, it is possible, But you need a soldering iron the size of a sewing needle, the precision of a surgeon, and the patience of Superman.

Did I mention the nerves of Batman?

Well, I know practically, if you have the proper tools and patience, it could be possible, but I wonder if the controller of a 1GB stick is able to "see" a 2GB or bigger memory.

Yes, all it does is accesses the memory itself. If it happens to reach 2 GB, all the better.

To answer your question a bit more practically:
YES, it is possible.
NO, it is not plausible.

I don't thing an FM modulator has any memory in it.  You'd better make sure of what you've got.

Well, this one has for sure.
It's the kind you load with mp3s and put in your car, then it transmits on FM, and you can find it on the radio. A kind of wireless mp3 player :)

Ah.  A wireless mp3 player.  Never seen one.  Learn something new every day.