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Is it possible to convert a 120V lawn mower to wireless with a ATV or even car battery and a inverter? Answered

I've seen a lot of lawn mower conversion stuff but they always start with a gas mower and replace the engine with a DC electric motor.


Possible, yes. Practical... maybe not. Look at how much power the mower is rated to draw at peak. Determine price and weight of inverter which can provide that much power, continuously. Determine price and weight of battery which can provide that many watt (plus whatever the inverter loses) for long enough to finish your lawn-mowing tasks before its voltage drops below that which the inverter requires.

Then remember that you have to push that extra weight around the lawn. Big batteries aren't exactly light weight.

The DC retrofit feels more plausible, if it can be done. You'd avoid the power loss and weight of the inverter.

My dad bought a new mower this week, to replace one that was stolen. Its a 3HP gas motor.

3HP is 3 x 750Watts, or 2.2kW. Lets say it takes 1/2 hour to mow the lawn, and you have a 12V battery, then you need a battery that can deliver 183 A, from a capacity of nearly 400AH - that is utterly impractical.


ork has it, you could do this, but a 2-stroke engine is your best option. The electric drive  probably isn't any cheaper in real terms.