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Is it possible to convert a PCB board of an electronic device into computer code? to see how the device works? Answered

Hello guys, My name is Danish, I have never met electronics in my entire life until now but its seems like electronics is not easy going to be my friend, I need your help guys and i would highly appreciate and will always love you.

I am trying to find out how a particular device works? for example. There is a camera or a remote control or any electronic device, and If I want to see how these devices works so that I can make a computer program to do the same. Is there any software which can do the same or i need a schematic diagram or anything else? 

I am not even sure that my question is valid or stupid but please if somebody could give me little hint or direction. 

Thanks alot. 


I don't know if this is the direction you need /want to go or not, but do a web search for the term " jtag"

brother I did, it looks similar to what I want, but it sounds very advanced to me? do you have any idea about using Jtag to scan the firmware of the device?

I'm a total noob to JTAG. I found out about it while researching some satellite receivers. If I remember correctly they were revising firmware with JTAG.


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I used to have a circuit modeling software program, would allow you to place components and connect wires, then "see" the output. Was way to abstract for me to use effectively! But, there is definitely people who do this.

Electronic circuit simulation uses mathematical models to replicate the behavior of an actual electronic device or circuit.
(from Wikipedia)

My experience was that small sections of circuitry could be modeled. True to life equipment was too complex to understand / much less model.  But I was just a hobbyist.  Part of my difficulty was to abstractly model the real world in terms of inputs.  Most software I've seen is made for professionals who are very comfortable with this abstract thinking.
circuit model.png

CLRZ thanks alot buddy for your input, it sounds like the thing I am looking for.

There is a simple device which outputs electric signals or pulses at different variations I just want to read all those variations and then make a computer program to output the same variations via audio jack.

can you guide to any electronic simulation program? I'd really appreciate bro.


Sounds like a signal generator / waveform generator. Looks like there is software sims for signal generators, but I haven't used any. Just keep in mind, for serious engineering, you want very clean signal generation. Lots of cheap solutions are messy waveforms.





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Welcome to ibles community.
I'm an Integrated Circuit ( IC ) engineer, you are talking about reverse engineering.
Some time, clients would pay money to understand how a particular code worked.

The conclusion was and still is that it is less expensive to design code from scratch
rather then to discover the actual existing code..

There are many different programming languages that eventually become the
computer binary code that makes a device perform a useful set of actions.

Depending on the CPU the add command can be 1011 or 0110 or 0010 or 1101
and that only for a binary type machine.


Thanks ICeng for your response. Its not a very complex device it just output current or electric pulses at different variations I just want to read all those current variations. I was thinking there would be a simpler way to read all those current variations :0

really apprecaite if you could help me further :)

It will be much easier to just look up how to do each task from scratch. Some small circuit boards could be easy to follow, if it has 10 or less components, but most consumer electronics have 1000's of components and often they are not labeled in a standard format.

What purpose does this serve? I know you said "I want to see how these devices works so that I can make a computer program to do the same." but that doesn't really make sense. If you want a computer program to act as a remote control or camera, you still need a physical camera or remote control. Are you trying to control these devices with a computer o do you want to model their behavior as a computer program?

If you are a beginner with electronics I would consider starting somewhere a little more basic.

Thanks Russel for your response, the device is sort of utility which output different variations of current at different volts and ohms I just wanted to scan all those variations of output current and design the computer program which does the same.

i am very beginner in electronics and trying to absorb as much as I can but it seems harder :)