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Is it possible to convert a solid state amp to a tube amp? Answered

 Is it possible to convert a solid state amp to a tube amp?


It could be done, but it wouldn't be practical- Tube voltages, especially for a tube power amp are a lot higher than solid state, for one thing, and solid state transformers are missing some windings, for instance for the heaters (filaments) for the tubes.
To convert the amp, you could use the chassis, knobs, pots, but not much else.
I guess I just restated what everyone else did here! lol!
ps-before you get radical, take into account that solid state amps have come a long way. They also take much less power to run, are generally less fragile, and are a lot cheaper to maintain!

I knew a guy who used a solid state randall amp ( what Dimebag Dave used)  - with a rack mount tube preamp.  He had a seriously awesome metal tone!  

It would be much more cost-efficient simply to buy a tube amp. Keep the old one or sell it to finance the purchase of a new one.

Some things to keep in mind about tube amps: they are much louder per watt than their solid-state and digital counterparts. Also, they need to be cranked at a higher volume to get the best sound. I would recommend buying one that can be switched to multiple watts (25w, 50w, 100w for example)


8 years ago

Nope.  They're very different inside, even if the function is the same.  It would be like converting a gasoline car to all-electric.

I'm not sure it'd be THAT hard to do, for one who is skilled in the art. HV mosfets take a lot of the trouble away.


> for one who is skilled in the art
.  Judging by the question, I'm guessing that the OP is not an electronic artist. ;)

You could add a tube amp as a hybrid output stage I suppose.

Not really; you'd wind up rebuilding the entire amp.

More importantly: Why?

.  Yep. Horses of different colors. They don't have that many parts in common.