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Is it possible to do a 3D laser Scan of my garage ? Answered

well , I have an itch , I want to scan my garage with a laser and input it into something like 'Meshlab'. I've bought the laser from a car boot sale ,I've tried it and its excellent , I have a finepix S8000fd digital camera, I scan and record the laser OK . but cannot find suitable software to get it into 'Meshlab' or a similar software tool . Does anybody have any ideas about where I go from here. ?
If succesfull what would be the limiting factor for scanning distance. ?


You are talking about a "Rainbow Hologram".
Check out Google.

You might well be able to do something clever with the DAVIDscanner idea


Reconstructing 3-d information with a single scan is possible, there was a piece in the instructables book on it.

You'd need at least two cameras, from two different known locations, in order to get parallax and thus depth information. Point laser at a spot. Take picture from both angles. Use that to extract reflected point's location in threespace. Move laser slightly and repeat. Takes a very long time unless you have the computer directly in the loop with the cameras.