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Is it possible to do a transmission swap auto to manual on Lexus is250? Answered

I have a 2007 Lexus is250 and was wanting to do a transmission swap to make it a manual it is rear wheel drive car and just figured it would be fun to make maunal


My son and I have all the parts for a auto-manual conversion for a Landrover Discovery.

There is a complete ECU change, a whole pile of new wiring, a new centre console and all the parts that liquid handwash mentioned. We have a pretty fully loaded workshop, and lots of experience, but I still think its a dumb idea (not mine :-) )

I have done this before but not to a lexus, You will need a pedal box, and clutch cylinders from a manual car, Also the flywheel and clutch. You may also need the cross member and drive shaft.

The biggest problem will be the engine may not run properly without the auto trans. It will probable throw up all sorts of error codes and may go into limp mode. You will most likely have to also change the ECU and wiring loom from a manual car.

It will not be easy at all to get the electronics to work.

Well they do make a manual version of the car so in theory this can be done.

HOWEVER the effort to make it work is probably hardly worth the time and effort when your going to have to buy the manual gearbox and other fittings anyway.

You may even find you would have to swap the engine or as a minimum make a mounting plate for the manual gearbox.

I can't find any thing on line to suggest anyone has done this before.


5 months ago

I once changed a steering column shift to a Hurst floor mount shifter and that was not something worth doing even once...

Have you ever done any work like this and are you aware of what is all involved? Do they make an is250 with a manual transmission? easiest thing would be if you want a manual, buy a manual, but obviously you don't learn much doing it that way. If they do make a manual is250 and you can get one for parts, consider everything you will need to move in and out of your car.

Autos have a way to shift (Incorporated in to the console or column along with shift cables, sensors and safety switches), flex plate with torque converter?, cruise control that maintains speeds and shifts gears when loads change, dash display which likely has a prindle to show your transmission position (PRNDL), maybe a computer that controls and reads all these things

Manual has a clutch pedal with associated switches and linkages maybe even some hydraulics, flywheel and clutch pack, a hole through the floor for your shifting lever, a different computer or the same one that has been flashed with different operating parameters, a dash with a tachometer possibly.

Sounds like a lot of work to me but i'm sure it's possible. The inside of the car might end up looking like a race car with two seats bolted in and a dash with a couple after market gauges and a bunch of toggle switches, But let us know what you think or if you have more questions :)