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Is it possible to do body casting with oogoo? Answered

I know that oogoo outgasses acetic acid, how bad is that to have on your skin?  Would it be possible to coat the skin first with something like  liquid glove or baking soda, to counteract the acetic acid?

Thanks for any info


I wouldn't think it will be very comfortable on the body.

Alginate is the usual thing for human casting.

I tried making a mold of my foot, right foot was no problem, but then the left foot felt very zingy, not quite painful, but getting there, I think I had an abrasion on that foot.

no, because you need a fast cure, not multiple hours!

I find that oogoo cures in about 15-30 minutes when mixed 1:4 with cornstarch

I find that it becomes a sturdy solid that can be removed from the molding situation in about 20 minutes or so. Then it continues to exude a vinegar smell for a week more, but is basically done solidifying by 20-25 minutes tops.