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Is it possible to download 'ndless and the gameboy emulator on the ti nspire cas? Answered

I have attempted to download the emualtor for the gameboy on my ti nspire cas. But it did not work, i'm pretty sure it won't work, because in the readme file it said they only tested it on the ti nspire.


I think it is possible. I have tried it with my ti nspire (with interchangeable keypads not CAS) and found that you have to downgrade you calc's OS and your linking program to get it to work. Also when I tried to uninstall it, I had to really mess around with the calculator to get it to uninstall. Nevertheless, it does work quite well to run the gameboy emulator and to use third party games. I dont use it simply because it required me to have my calculator downgraded to 84+ os 2.41 (or something that wasnt as good as 84+ os 2.54) and I really like to have the most up-to-date OS on my calculator. BOTTOM LINE: I think it is possible but I dont advise it.

I think your asking if a gameboy emulator is available for download and use on a PC ?