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Is it possible to filter Instructables questions? Answered

There are a few folks who ask questions that I'd really rather not be tempted to answer, since I would have trouble holding to the "Be Nice" policy. It would be better for both me and them if I could tell Instructables not to show their questions to me at all. Call it a killfile, or an anti-subscribe... Is there such a mechanism?

(I'm pretty sure the answer is "no", but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.)



Best Answer 8 years ago

There's an anti-K'NEX script available - presumably the same thing could be tweaked to filter out a specific user?

(Go on, who is it?)

Good point, and probably the best approach.

Yes, I can ignore folks. But... well, it's a matter of removing temptation. Same reason I use killfiles elsewhere.


8 years ago

This is a really good question. i have been wondering much the same thing.

There have been a lot of badly written questions recently.... either where they make no sense or would be a lot quicker to ask google.

 The best thing to do is that when you see their name, keep on skimming, and go past it.  That's what I do with certain members...

Just ignore them. Like printed-publications you don't want to read, TV you don't want to watch etc. - skip and move on.