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Is it possible to find the IP address of a Skype user? Answered

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to find the IP address of a Skype user. Me and a lot of my friends have been getting heaps of people just saying "Hello! Please add me to your contact list" and then if you reply they say "How can you forget me, I want to meet with you, You can view my picture here..". (and that link redirects to a p0*n site, and it is the same link every time) I want to find their IP address to see if the same individual is doing it or if it is multiple people, because this is getting out of hand and just blocking them and reporting them won't help. I'm using a program called "SocketSniff" to find the IP addresses that Skype is using, but I can't seem to find any that are a home computer... They all seem to be servers. Any help finding who is doing this and helping me to find the IP will be greatly appreciated


Now today you can easily find it, even though you can get his/her email, ip alongwith geolocation and many more.. http://theseotools.net/skype-resolver

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Apart from the ads on the website it is useless as ..... on a bull.
The accuracy is a bit off as my location is shown only about 4800k's from my place ROFL

Maybe you check those "services" yourself before posting them....

make a script on any free hosting with php and there put such algorithm code the code is not absolete. needs debug then you can check the file and see IPS then send this script adress .lets name it funny.php?id=makaka link will be freehostsite.blabla.com/funny.php?id=ANYSTUPIDIDHERE if they will click, you will see IP in the log

maridensoft - explain what you are saying here, I don't understand it. thanks.

Basically, no, you can't do any better than you've done. You can trace it as far as the IP address they're connected from, but that's it. (Unless you can subpoena the server's records.) But I can safely say that it's a lot more than one person, more than one organization doing this. Basically everyone who has a fully open chat connection/facebook/twitter/etc account constantly deals with spam invitations like this. Either set Skype to "Friends only" or block these guys individually and move on. Oh and you don't really need SocketSniff, there's a built-in Windows utility that does mostly the same thing called netstat.exe.

Did I say I could trace it to their IP? That's what I'm trying to do, not what I have done. How can I filter out the IP address of that person, When I use SocketSniff or netstat I just get flodded with IP addresses that take me to servers on the other side of the globe, Literally, one of the IP addresses corresponded to a server in Korea... When I use netstat there isn't really anything I can find that comes from Skype. I've used both netstat -n and netstat -a and I can't seem to find anything from Skype, Whereas in SocketSniff, I found 129 sockets that Skype is talking on... Do you have any ideas on how I can find that persons IP instead of everything else my system is connecting to?

I'm sorry I wasn't clear. The IP address you've gotten, that is the IP address of the sever, is as far as you're going to get. You are not directly connected to the other user when using Skype, you each connect to a "supernode" (server) that passes the communication between the users. Short of hacking into that supernode there is no way to find out the IP of other users. There are thousands of these servers and you can be connected to a ton of them at once, with different parts of a single chat session passing through different servers. Sorry, you're out of luck unless you can trick them into sending you their IP address or otherwise giving away who they are.

Actually, there is a method which works great, you guys are just going about it all the wrong way. I host a home server, and when I want to get someones IP I just send them a link to a file that is on my website, then, my web server will tell me the IP of the computer that accessed that file.

Darn, Well thanks anyway. I might just have to annoy Skype and tell them that these people are really annoying, I've had three contact me today...

Late but saw this and had to post, you can find out the Ip with netstat as skype uses Peer to Peer its just a little confusing to find in the jungle of Ip's and domain names.

$ip=$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; the code part was cuted.... :( search on google for php log visitor ip