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Is it possible to fix or revive a car jump box starter? Answered

I have 2 dead one's at home and can't find anywhere on the web that describe how they work...


Car jump boxes (batteries with attached boost cables) are simply that - a lead acid battery inside of a plastic housing. Take them apart carefully, remove the battery, and take to a battery shop to have it tested. If the battery is 'good' your box is probably bunk. If the battery is bad, get it replaced.

Absolutely right frollard. If you can't get a battery to match, look for the telephone number and address of your device's manufacturer. Call and ask about replacement batteries. If they can't help you, I suggest mailing the device back to them with a note asking them to recycle it. These gadgets are really wasteful. They don't often use a standard sized battery and they frequently exist just to go dead in the trunk. They don't often make them easy to replace anyway. I've seen a few with batteries that were even epoxied to the body! Best of luck!

Other option - is they're a standard voltage, 12v (charged to 14v)...fit any replacement car battery that will actually fit in the housing :D