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Is it possible to get a rating of 5* on a forum topic? Answered

I want every body here to rate this topic 5*. I've always wanted to know if its possible to get a full 5* on instructables. _
Edit: DONT RATE IT 5 ANYMORE! Rate IT 0.5! Lets see how low the rating can go!


Rated......1! HAHAHAH!!!!!

Jk I rated 5

hmmm. i dont know who but someone reated this down. well accualy 4 peaople rated this 1.

Rated 0.5
Just for your efforts...

Hey! I'm helping you guys build character!

Yeah, me too. He can't get a 5 now!

Yes, they do. It works off of averages. You can't have a 100% average if one of your numbers are a 0. That brings it down.

Wrong, they don't work off averages, exactly. At least, not the total raw rating divided by the number of ratings.

Details here...

It was already impossible anyway, because of the starting average. Besides, enough people are never gonna vote for this anyway.

How can you tell? Did you factor in the site's average?

if enough people rate it 5 stars, the average will be so close to 5 stars(within 9 of the third decimal place) it will show 5 stars

Hm... I realized (at least in my font) that a * has 5 points...
* -- 5+ -- 4^ -- 3- -- 2          (or maybe ~). -- 1 (a push) (or maybe `)
Possibly a shorthand?
Oh, heh, what a dissapointment, in that monospaced block, a * has 6 points...

no unless you have a infinity number of rateings.

you problem is that all ratings start at 2.5, so when i rate something 5* it goes up to like 2.8, but the next 5*goes up even less, and so on and so on. so eventually you get to decimals that you can't make go higher unless you have a infinity number of ratings.

your problem is that you start out at 2.5 so you always have that rating dragging you down, but if you started at no rating(as in no starts but no registered ratings) and put in 5* it would immediately go up to 5* with 1 rating.

all ratings start at 2.5
No, they seem to start at 3.0.

so eventually you get to decimals that you can't make go higher unless you have a infinity number of ratings
Although, once the decimal got to 4.996, it would round to 5.00.

No, they start at the site's average, which has fluctuated over time. When we started, it was about a 2.7 I believe. Now it appears to be a bit more 2.8ishy. (Or they may have tweaked its weight)

in its best, it would need at least 200 ratings to get a 4.995 (5.0), but thats assuming that 199 of them are 5.0, and the 200th was a 4.0. However, this is not the case, as we have the site average (2.8) with a weight of about 10-40 votes (guess). Now, we're talking thousands of votes.

A perfect 5.0? I don't think we'll see one, at least not for a few years. Sure, some projects may have 200+ votes, but all +'s got converted to 4.0's, making the gap harder to bridge...

ok, i need to pay more attetion to that, and i did not know about the rounding thing. but since it rounds wouldent it get stuck at 4.990 because the decimal would get rounded down.

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almost at 4*. Keep on rating!

There's a complex maths thing going on - I don't think a perfect 5 is possible without a lot of ratings.


9 years ago

Okay. :) -rated