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Is it possible to hack a color lcd screen from a VideoNow player so it can be used for something else? Answered

Hi There!
A long time ago I found a VideoNow cd player at a thrift store - and was going to hack it to play regular CDs (as seen on Youtube and here)- however, neither option worked for me, so I'm left with a VideoNow unit that has a nice lcd color screen (everything is intact except for the lid of the unit) and I'm hoping that there is a way to hack the lcd screen to make it useful for something else.  I tried to look for an instructable about how to hack an lcd screen - but no success.

Any help would be appreciated.



Can you identify where the video data feeds into the LCD controller hardware?


Hello Lemonie,

Im a novice (albeit I do know a little bit about electronics). I wasn't sure if you were asking if I knew where the video data feeds were on the circuit board, or if I even knew what a data feed might be. To that end, I took some pictures of the device with my cellphone in the hopes they would help. And, I also included some pics of the unit running (to show that it does function at this time.)

Initially, I had tried software (a year or so ago) that was supposed to convert music and/or video into the format of the device - however, after multiple tries and many cds wasted, it became evident that was not going to work. So, when I found some Video Now cds, I bought them (to make sure the unit did work- and to verify the display was functional too. After seeing the quality of the screen's resolution, it seemed to me that there should be something I could do with it instead of leaving it go to waste.

I've not attempted to use a little wire and try to slowly touch each part of the lcd screen (where the ribbon is connected) for fear that either I'd put too much power on it and end up damaging it - or I'd scrape the lcd's connections and end up damaging the lcd.

If any more pictures would help- please let me know specifically what would you like to see in a pic- and I'll do my best to accommodate.

Thanks!!! :)


Hi man,

If you can get the spot to feed a standard video signal in, it's some use. Without that I wouldn't feel like picking it up.


Hmmmm.... the only thing I can think of - is seeing about the connections from the CD reader. that connect into the circuit board.

While I do see your point about not picking it up, I just wish there was something I could do- I mean, I'd rather not throw it away if possible.

If worse gets to worse - it will end up gathering dust for a while - until I can tinker with it again. I'm guessing that there has to be 1) controller for speed of CD motor 2) reader/decoder that accepts the signals from the CD reader -and decodes it to an audible/video signals 3) amplifier for sound 4) controller for the LCD to display the proper display.

While I may not be able to separate these items from the circuit board - I'll still see if there is some way to hack the screen itself - and maybe hook it up to something else.
Thanks for trying! :)

If the CD drive is standardised, you might feed it in there.
The trouble with these integrated-displays is that they ain't built to that much of a modular-standard (in a "plug and play" way).


Hi Lemonie,

I tried to run the CD through my computer. After a bit of maneuvering I was able to get the CD to play (it is an uncommon size) however, the CD sounds like garbage except for some partial things that resembled voice. With that in mind, I'm guessing that it is not "plug and play" - since if it was, the items would have been decoded by my computer - right?

So, I'm guessing that you are correct - that it isn't standard.

Oh well. I'm still hopeful that something can be done with it - albeit maybe this means that I'd have to work harder to determine the rest of the components - maybe I'll be able to figure out something to do directly with the LCD screen (maybe there is a way to create a circuit for the LCD so I can still use it - not sure though)

Thanks Lemonie for trying to help me :)

The drive is a funny-format, but here's a starting point for that bit of it:
(I try, but a lot of problems and a large point of the site is to eventually end up doing it yourself)


Thanks Lemonie!

Some of those pages were new to me. I'll see if they can help. My ultimate goal (if possible) is to utilize the screen with another project im trying to work on.

Thanks Again!! :)

It's about as much as a person can do without having one to play with. Enjoy playing with yours and let us know if you get it to do something.