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Is it possible to have a Korg Nanokontrol modded to be used as a lightboard? Answered

I am getting into light effects and I usually deal with music effects, but is it possible to use a piece of musical equipment for lighting? I think that it would be cool to use USB lights that are dimmable by using a Nanokontrol. Has anyone tried this? Can it even be done? Pic related, it's a Nanokontrol.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Remember, this control doesn't do anything but send commands -- like a fancy mouse. Once those commands get into the computer, software can interpret them however it wishes. Assuming you already have computer-controllable lights, this is a Simple Matter Of Programming. It's possible that one of the DAW packages already has a plug-in for light control; if you don't want to do your own programming, that's where I'd start looking.


9 years ago

Not sure you could modify one of those to control lights and what not. But you could make something very similar with just sliders and potentiometers to control the lights. Just mount them in a box or something. Like a giant dimmer switch panel.