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Is it possible to hook up a flash drive to a GBA SP?? Answered

 Is it possible to hook up a flash drive to a GBA? because I dont have the money to buy myself an R4 or something similar, and I wanted to know if its possible to use a flash drive the same way as one of  those.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Probably not.
If it's an easy thing to do: try it and find out. Otherwise it's difficult to "not in any way practical".


 I know, but. :X if theres any way I could find a GBA card to USB,instead of one of those flash card thingies, or maybe load the GBA bios onto my Flash drive... :x

You're thinking about interfacing a GBA memory connection with non-GBA memory, different formats and such - It's either a "piece-of-easy" or a no-can-do.
Anything is possible, but the degree of difficulty rules the yes/no. Booting GBA off the Flash drive I think would be tricky. Just get a bigger R4, they design the things like this so you have to...


 Actually you can buy cheap cheap cartridges that either have flash memory built in (like 128mb or 256) and they have a tiny mini-usb port on them. I've also seen them with sd card slots.