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Is it possible to laminate papers at home without machine? Answered

I need to laminate some art works, pictures, but I don't have laminating machine at home. Have to go out (local stores, printing shops) each time to laminate anything (art work on paper, picture etc). it would have been easier if there was any way to laminate papers at home without machine. Is it possible?



Best Answer 5 years ago

I believe they make laminate that is just sticky on one side. You set the first sheet down, sticky side up, place the item to be laminated on it, put the second sheet on sticky side down, press them together, and then trim the excess laminate.

Here's a link (since the above link doesn't want to work...)


I made quite a good job using a wooden chopping board with a thin tea towel on it so the board was protected but still a firm surface to rest on I put grease proof paper on the tea towel and then the laminate pouch and another sheet grease proof over the top and ironed the laminate pouch starting at the sealed end and working my way up, It did how ever take some time and a few ruined pouches finding the optimum temperature for the iron. On mine it was about a fraction over medium temperature, once I had the temperature set it worked well with not much creasing. I dare say you could do it with out the tea towel might get less creasing its just my board was a personalised wedding present so I didn't want to risk it.

You can do it with an iron but it won't be as neat. Basically all the machine does is apply heat to both sides fuzzing the laminate together and to the page. With a sheet of parchment paper and an iron you can achieve the same result.