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Is it possible to make a Bullet out of ice like in that film or to make one out of Frozen meat like in CSI? Answered

Is it possible to make a Bullet out of ice like in that film or to make one out of Frozen meat like in CSI? I'm not going to try it but I was just wondering is it possible.


It's probably possible but the gun would have to be special made and modified. If it fired the bullet like a paint ball gun using air pressure then there would be no problem with an ice bullet melting from the heat. And if the air used was properly cooled there would be even less of a problem.

yes it is possible to make a bullet out of ice, but the ice would have to be the consistency of that on Neptune (which is the consistency of steel) unlike that on earth.

yes it was on mythbusters and they actually did one of those "revisited" things and used the meat bullet idea. The problem is this. Take a piece of burnt chicken (no bones just meat) and thorw it at someone as haard as you can. Most people will barely notice it. Now yes a gun shoots faster but same concept applies here, not enough density for the mass. Second thing is that all of the fat would sizzle and evaporate with the heat generated by a trigger pull. That means that the pressures would drop as the bullet got closer to the muzzle. Thus decreasing the speed even more and rendering the "bullet" even less effective......

plus then they just find the guy with bullet bolds the have meat traces.

It is possible to make something resembling a bullet out of ice or meat, it is not a viable material for bullet making. The ice will melt before it even leaves the barrel, and the meat bullet will fall apart.

I have seen something that I believe it was on Myth Busters, but I'm not positive. They attempted to make ice bullets using several different methods, but they all melted before leaving the barrel of the gun. Between the pressure and heat, they just evaporated. I have no idea about frozen meat. It may work because on the same episode, they succeeded in making bullets out of frozen gelatin, but it wasn't perfect.