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Is it possible to make a Voice Amplifier with an old cell phone? Answered

Unfortunately I have accumulated a few cell phones over the years and I never knew what to do with them other than use them as glorified alarm clock or contact list. The last few months I wanted a megaphone/voice amplifier to use on my school bus. I started to think that there must be a way of using an old cell phone with a mic and something over the speaker to amplify the sound. Sounds like a great puzzle/project for someone with the knowledge! Is this possible some way? Thanks!


You can it might not work great but try to open it up and remove what you talk into Then strip the wires and set it a side next try to find the speaker ( the thing that you listen to but louder ) then I recomend taking an altoids can and drilling two holes one on one side one on the other so you can put the speacker and mic through them and put a battery in the tin glue the mic and speakers on opposite ends and connect them to the battery and put a cone at the end glue it on to you can probly make it better with a switch and handle ect. Idk if this will work i will try later and respond back and plz respond

It has an amp. in it but it's not very powerful. You'd be better off just shouting. You might be able to use the microphone and supply a bigger amp and speaker though.


8 years ago

Yes. but I don't know how.