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Is it possible to make a bass drum kick pedal that runs on usb and would be compatible with midi? Answered

I've got a midi drum controller that I like using [and would rather not destroy for the project], but I would much rather use a kick pedal for bass than my fingers. I was wondering if there was a way to make a bass drum kick pedal that was compatible with midi live (for example usb or something), as opposed to having to convert the audio to midi and all that mess.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Do you already have the kick pedal?

not as of yet. I was going to wait to see if there was something specific I should get

There are several options available The kick pedal (a piezo sensor) hooked to a drum controller (which you have) A kick pedal, connected to a custom circuit that senses the kicks and converts to midi. Theres an arduino project that does midi and could easily be adapted for velocity sensitive midi interface. Theres also a software library to convert arduino serial to midi inside the computer - saving one of the steps.

Thanks, I'll more than likely go with the arduino route.