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Is it possible to make a flying model plane with mainly knex? Answered

I have been trying on and off with the idea that the next generation knex, which are smaller and lighter would make a great plane. I realize that it will need something to cover the wings and a propellar but I think it may be possible. Any other ideas, thoughts, or tips are muchly appreciated.


In theory yes. As long as you keep the build light enough and use the appropriate wing material you can make a functioning glider. As far as a propeller, you can probably make an elastic band styled wind-up plane, but I'm not sure if you could do anything motorized or not (because of the weight).

It may make for an interesting Instructable...

In my opinion, practically no. K'nex is too heavy and a motor! What the heck are you thinking! A k'nex boat can't even float on water (hmmm maybe salty water?) so it would take a hell lot of struggle and patience to make it. Of course, unless k'nex launches lightweight pieces... then we can think about it.

I'm not sure if you got any of those smaller pieces yet but it is pretty pratical. Rubberband motors are lightweight and are already effectively being used. The only problem I have is the wings and propellar. I cannot make a pratcal airfoil design using knex so I always end up back on stage one. I also cover the knex frame with news paper to keep the weight down.

Yep, sorry about getting really defensive about it. I really think about anything mechanical can be built out of knex.

yes, you just have to shape the wings correctly :D

probably - Given a large enough motor a brick will fly.

Think about it this way - You have 2 competing things:

The weight of the material and the strength.

IF you can get the plan large enough it will fly - IF it is light enough AND strong enough to stay together.

Real aircraft may weigh many tonnes.


Thanks I didn't realize that there was that many suggestions back there.