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Is it possible to make a garage opener remote from a tv remote or some other remote? Answered

Is it possible to make a garage opener remote from a tv remote or some other remote which you can enter wavelengths into so you only need one remote for all your garages!!


As above *way* most garage door openers are RF and *way* most TV remotes are IR. I say "*way* most" because I'm sure there's some oddball exceptions to both. There are some universal garage door openers - I've never seen one for multiple garages but they could perhaps be modded. If you can raid/build other RF-based switch circuits (car door fobs, broken similar model openers, whatnot) that respond to one transmitter you could probably hook them to the inside button for "open/close door" if you wanted to get a bit more invasive.


9 years ago

After finding a transmitter you will then need to think about how to power the door from a motor and censors to stop it rolling itself up like a sardine can. Cheaper to buy a ready made unit ,plenty on ebay

From what I know garage doors work on RF signals, Not the IR signal of a normal TV remote. Unless you can find a RF remote which operating signal can be changed this wouldn't work. It's a great idea, Someone go invent it now!

It IS possible with a TV remote, but they work with Infra Red wavelengths meaning you'd need line of site for it to work. You'd probably get better results using a radio transmitter. Perhaps a hacked cheap remote control car for the components?