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Is it possible to make a generator like a windmill from a direct drive turntable motor ? Answered

I have a old direct drive turntable. This is not like a Technics deck where the magnet is connected to the platter. The platter of the turntable just sits on the pin while the motor and magnet is all self contained inside a casing under the platter. Is it possible to make a generator from a motor set up like these ?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If the motor is d/c and has a magnet or at least a field coil in it the it would be easy to make a generator from that.

If the motor is a/c and has no magnet then it will be difficult.


8 years ago

If you're talking about what I think you are, I can say the motor will probably require far too much torque to be effective as a windmill generator.  Unless you have some huge blades and a high wind, I doubt you could get one of these to self-start.

A picture would help me to confirm it.