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Is it possible to make a small surveillance camera out of an old cell phone camera? Answered

Like most people, I have a few old cell phones lying around. I need a small, portable surveillance camera and was curious as to whether or not I could use my old RAZR camera for this. I have some extra jump drives too, but I don't know if that is large enough to hold video memory. I would like to make a small camera with ten or fifteen minutes worth of memory (I think the camera on the RAZR V3m is 1.3mpx). Any input would be greatly appreciated!


 Maybe, it depends if you've got the necessary tools to take out the cam. I'll check if there are any DIY circuits you can use in conjunction with the cellphone camera. Found it! I don't know if it works; I haven't read the entire circuit, but check it out anyway.

. It's possible, but working with the tiny, tiny components in a cell phone is beyond the reach of most DIYers. . I'd look into using the phone as-is and USB to a computer.

Query: How exactly would you connect it up to a computer using USB?

. I dunno. Most cell phones can connect to a computer via USB. You should be able to find some software to read the cam signal. Maybe not.

Something tells me that it would probably require some hardware tweeking as well, but this is beyond my scope of knowledge right now...

Well, you know what that means...