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Is it possible to make a wearable Heart Beat Sound amplifier? Answered

This is for my final project for one of my university papers and what I want to do is to make a object that can amplify or create the sound of the heart and can either worn on the hand or the neck like a necklace, as a form of communication and/or self expression. Visual aesthetics are important for this one so ideally, if its possible Id like to make this wearable object portable and super simple since I'm an amateur when it comes to anything electrical like this!

I did see another question on this site which was practically the same as mine, amplifying the sound of the heart beat for a project and one of the comments mentioned using piezoelectric elements to pick up the movement of the veins and therefore create a sound through an amp and a speaker. This would be perfect for my project even though its not the exact sound of the heart but its doable, except connecting it to an amp etc isn't exactly small or compact enough for it to be wearable. 

(Here's the web address to the other question I mentioned above: https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-do-I-connect-a-stethoscope-to-a-speaker-How-/) 

So...is there any other way to use piezoelectric elements to pick up the movement of the veins and output it somehow preferably through sound, but representing it visually through LED lights could also be an option, but again, how do you make this inexpensive, wearable and simple to make??

Any suggestions anyone??

Thanks :) 



3 years ago

Iv worked on heart beat aural detectors (for room occupancy detection) and something similar called a dry probe EMG (for tired truck driver cap alert)...

The point of my engineering experience with these projects is you will need bandpass filters to reduce unwanted signals. This can be a collection of Op-Amp circuits or a DSP...

First you make it work to a satisfactory level. Then and ONLY Then, do you look into miniaturization and cost reduction for production engineering design.

BTW, NASA used two sensors (probably miniature accelerometers) along a single vein in an astronaut's arm to calculate and monitor Blood Pressure without the bulky cuff, you know of, in a pressure suit....

I guess so BUT your a student so this should be your own work, research and development.

1. You need a sensor to pickup the heart beat

2. You need to amplify that signal

3. You need a driver for the loud speaker - It will need a loud speaker because the heart beat is a low frequency sound.

4. You need a package.

Look at how others have done this type of thing, search the web for heart monitors etc.

Conside if you have the skill set to build such a think. Most failed projects fail because the student underestimate the complexity and time/skill required to complete it.

This is now so much easier than looking things up in books as it used to be.

Asking someone to virtually do your job isn't on.

Oh and this is the kind of thing I was talking about, when you hook up a piezo element to an amp and speaker


Use a pulse oximeter ? Use a real ECG detection ?

What is a pulse oximeter and ECG detection?? Im super new to this stuff!

Pulse oximeter passes infra red light through a finger or earlobe, and picks it up. The amount of light passed depends partially on blood oxygen level, and on the flow.

ECG - Electro-Cardiogram. Sensitive amplifier attached across your body, detect the electrical signal from your heart.

But I forget, this is your university project you are researching.