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Is it possible to make a white LED any color without coating it? Answered



I figured it out, diffrent voltages change the color. I don't know exacts right now, just figured it out this morning!

Errr .... no.

Well, yes, different voltages will yield somewhat different colours. But a LED is designed to be used within a certain current range, while the current is a result of the voltage. Within this current (resp. voltage) range it produces the designed colour. Outside the designed range, the LED will produce a different colour. But for the price of a shorter life time.

A white LED is designed to produce white light.

If you want a variable colour, use a RGB LED as the others said.

As Steve says

Technically - No it's part of the LED composition.

For the price buy an RGB Led and do what ever you want.

Some White LEDs change colour slightly if you under or over drive them but not a lot.

Perhaps we should ask Why?

You could always put the white LED inside a colored, translucent lens, thus creating a different colored light. (Much like how a brake light works)...

There ARE "RGB" leds though, which have three separate leds inside, which you can turn on in varying amounts.