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Is it possible to make a worldwide chat room? Answered

Is it possible to make a worldwide (not local) chat room out of batch or java script? if not, is there a simple exe?

multiple people can join
easy interface
shows who has joined/leaft, and when they say something it says their name
maybe admin permissions (ie ban, kick, or delte message?



3 years ago

You need to check out Paltalk, I don;t know what script they used but it worked really well :)

Oh jeez! Paltalk is still around? I had no idea... lol. I remember trying it and being mesmerized by the ease with which many seemed to converse in real time. Me, I was a wall flower, never quite knowing how to get in the drunken spirit of their fora, and never quick enough with the keyboard to keep up without plastering a wall of misspelled "gibberease". Needless to say, I didn't last all that long.

As far as I know it is still around and I even saved my first message spree on there from 2012!

Thanks for the paltalk but I want a chat room that isn't public. Like, not something personal that only works for me whoever i give it to. I made a chat room (but only works on the same drive :( and thats a personall not public

In response to your comment about wanting a private room Orange Shadow, afaik, Paltalk allows creation of private, password-only rooms. At least they did back around 2005-6 when I was there.


3 years ago

Ok something strange, I added a comment to my comment and it disappeared, twice.

One of the old bookmarks is still active, its for Fast Eddie who was a big Traveler fan.


And I also said:

Wow, I can still get into the rooms.

On the left on Fast Eddies are listed some of the worlds, like OZ gate with 115 rooms and TechWorld with 234 rooms. When you click those links it goes to another page with all the rooms listed. Click on a room and your browser with ask what to open it with, and if you installed Traveler it will be the default. Click it and it will launch Traveler and take you to that room. However, they are not active now so it will ask you if you want to go there by yourself. Say yes and it will go there.

When you enter a room you always drop from the sky so you will see it all spinning around as you fall. Once there you can move around and explore. To go to another room look at the portals on the menu bar. Click one and it will go there next.

I had written out more but it all got deleted so anyway, have fun with the program if you want to try it out.

Oh cool, the bridge of the Enterprise is still here.


3 years ago

There was a program that was way ahead of its time developed years ago. It was intended to allow conferencing in virtual rooms. Each person was represented by an avatar and you talked through it. The sound was set up so that you could hear where the other person or persons was located in the room. It was designed to work with dial up speeds since high speed was not common yet. The original developer scrapped it after it didn't have a huge success but some die hards bought the rights to it and (I just checked) still have some servers up running. So it appears to still be working.

One of its unique features was the ability to go into a private room. You could set up a private conference and set a password for entry into that room.

I could go on forever about it, I used it to talk with people from all over including a friend in Spain and another in Israel. Then it just went away.

You can learn more about it from here


You need to download and install the program. After that it will take you to the various places you can go. It is basically a type of web browser that reads and assembles the 3D rooms you can explore. There was a provision for making your own worlds and a few of the people got really good at it. There were some remarkable virtual places made, including the bridge of the Enterprise. I don't know if any of those are available anymore.

Anyway, give it a try, you have nothing to loose. Oh, and it has always been free of any charge. There used to be other web pages devoted to it but I don't know if those are still up.