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Is it possible to make an automatic gun using the grey connector white rod chain? Answered

Remember that chain Dsman made for his sniper? Well, I was wondering if the same chain could be used to make an automatic gun. Instead of using a grey connector, you could use a red connector to attatch the mini guns, and white connectors with green rods on every other empty slot as gears.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Yes it would work


9 years ago

of course it would work! look at oodalumps machine gun, and you could say its almost the same as your idea.

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Again, I say that i said that a while ago, I hadn't heard of him at the time.

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Yeah, bit you would use blue rods.

it could work, but the barrels would have to be separate from the chain, and connected to the chain at points. put two red connectors instead of the two grey connectors that are used, so that the red connectors are across from each other, then connect it into a chain by using grey connector. i did have something like that once, and i noticed that if you have all red connectors they interfere with each other(when a barrel is connected to them)and the thing can't act like a chain, it gets stuck in a formation. i would suggest using 2 chains, and having one at the beginning of the barrel, and one at the end, to make sure that the barrels stay lined up to be fired.

What IAC said.

I Would assume so