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Is it possible to make an iphone/android app that runs full windows 7? Answered

Is it possible to make such an app that detects all the phone's hardware and runs it at full speed (the app should not emulate hardware)? This app would need to recognize the touch screen as a touch input interface (not an emulated mouse). When the app starts up, it should close out all other system tasks and dedicate the system resources to the app so it can get the maximum amount of RAM/CPU. Also, the OS would probably need to run off a hard disk image file on a 16GB/32GB SD card. If possible, a network interface through 3G/WiFi would be great.

Before you say that windows 7 is in x86/x64 architecture and doesn't support ARM architecture, that is another thing this app should accomplish.

I noticed that the windows 7 system requirements were a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and at least . Phones meet those requirements.

PS: Right now I am running windows 95 under a QEMU app on my android phone and it runs extremely slow since the whole PC is being emulated (and my phone is only 800MHz and has not all that much RAM). I've tried to run ubuntu on my phone (android is linux based). It worked perfectly, but due to not enough free RAM and the 800MHz CPU, it was very slow (but not as slow as emulated windows!). On a 1Ghz phone, ubuntu appears to run perfectly.

If you can come up with an app like this (or find one on google), please post a download link to the site/download link.




On second thought, I tried out vnc which is amazing. Despite the app's frame update being slow, it's quite usable. For gaming (tried minecraft), this can be a problem, in addition the mouse interface isn't suitable for such a game. I tried remote desktop connection (on a compter running windows 7 ultimate, but the app fits the desktop to the screen of the device. I'm pretty sure it is to slow to run games), which had a very fast frame update but My computer (asus gaming laptop) has windows 7 home premium and therefore doesn't support connection from another device.

By the way, has anyone tried gaming through vnc/rdp?

Why would you want Windows 7 on an iphone/android?
It doesn't make any sense to me...


I like doing hacks. I've been trying to get 95/98/XP to run on my android via an emulator for a long time. MS-DOS 7.1 and Windows 95 work, but don't run all that fast since they are running on emulated hardware.

Idk, I find running unintended OSes on different operating systems.

Just think, a PC in your pocket! No more lugging around you laptop and I have a huge laptop :).

Actually this doesn't even have to be an app, it can be an instructable/web page with instructions on how to do it.

It's far too big to run right on a small machine, don't run all that fast since they are running on emulated hardware.
I can understand a challenge, but I don't think the end result would be practically useful.


Check out this link. Its Ubuntu running on a nexus one. It runs at a decent usable speed and all communications work.


And, yeah windows 95 is being run in an emulator so of course its slow. Ubuntu isn't being emulated; its being run in the background. So it runs decently (if you have a decent phone).

 Ubuntu isn't as demanding as Windows either.


Good writeup of the specs. Are you in a position to shell out the roughly $100K (US) for an engineer to do the work?

I didn't mean pay someone to do it for me. They can take the credit for it. It would be great if there was in instructable/webpage for it (app probably isn't likely).

Possible? Probably. Practical? Not really...

Ubuntu desktop edition has been run on an nexus one. I even tried it myself to find that it worked. With some porting the OS/an emulated ARM to x86 code converter thing I think it could be possible.

I think it's quite possible with enough time, effort, and patience.


7 years ago

Even if its possible would you really want to fork over the hundred bucks to Microsoft? Even if you can install it you would still have to activate it with a legit # and that means paying for it.

You can hack the serial #. Microsoft doesn't know. If its not an app but simply an instructable/web page (more probable) you can do it privately without Microsoft knowing.

You know, l heard they are going to port the new Windows 8 to ARM in addition to x86/x64.